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Mum’s The Word!

1st Edition “Mum’s The Word!” by Lorna Little (Author) Victoria Rowell (Contributor) Darryl McDaniels – DMC (Foreword), Karen Caffrey LPC (Reviewer)

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About Mum’s The Word!

It wasn’t until she reached her mid-30s that Lorna Little discovered a secret: she’d been adopted as a child, and her family had never planned to tell her.

Suddenly faced with this bizarre and shocking twist of fate, Little embarked on a deeply emotional journey to uncover the truth about her past. Interweaving faith, family and plenty of secrets, “Mum’s The Word!” is the riveting story of how Little came to terms with her newfound reality, untangling the complexities of love and relationships in her search for answers.

With forewords by Darryl McDaniels and Victoria Rowell, this remarkable, spellbinding memoir is a stunning display of what truly binds a family together — and the inspiring resilience of those who never stop in their pursuit for their truths.

Mum's The Word! Book

Under A Closer Look Into “Mum’s The Word!”


Lorna Little, MSW is a licensed social worker and President and CEO of St. Anne’s Family Services, a large non-profit organization in Los Angeles that provides transitional and permanent supportive housing, early childhood education (headstart), community-based services, and mental health services for thousands of residents and participants each year. The organization started by serving young pregnant women looking to place their children for adoption.

Her unique personal and professional background provides her with critical insights surrounding the complex issues facing children and their parents, especially as it relates to adoption. As a result, “Mum’s The Word!” serves as an in-depth resource for:

Deeply personal and firsthand accounts of grappling with the unexpected.
Expert-led conversation starters surrounding forced adoptions and family dynamics.
An analytical approach to healing and the rebuilding of broken family ties.
Moving stories of resilience, faith, and love that break the barriers of longstanding family secrets.

Chapter 1

Wedding Present

    Before the completion of this book, silence was largely golden, but the impact of the secret that had been revealed to me in 1997 was about to be felt by another member of my family. As a family, we were a private people, but this was no moment to keep quiet. It was a time of Joy, where my eldest daughter, Alicia, was marrying the love of her life. He was a military man who was going to be stationed overseas. As a result, what I was about to share could not wait. My secret had to be revealed before she left the country.
    To complement the occasion, I wanted her to know, I felt obligated to tell her, how she had a support system that she was wholly unaware of, some individuals I myself had for a long time been oblivious to. Her wedding was truly beautiful: fresh flowers, the pretty Coral bridesmaid dresses, and the reception that everyone enjoyed so much.
    This support system included Sharon and her beautiful daughter, Karen, who had also attended Alicia’s wedding, just not introduced as who they really were. Rather, Sharon was introduced as her cousin from England. The situation had brought me back to recalling a time when another member of that support system, Linda, had come to visit, and I so desperately wanted to tell my children the truth then as well. However, I kept reminding myself that I had been asked to maintain secrecy. It was now that the significance of this otherwise readily disclosed information… Keep reading



This riveting, must-read memoir reads like a novel, sometimes profoundly funny, other times a heartfelt tear-jerker. Find out why readers nationwide have dubbed “Mum’s The Word!” an emotional rollercoaster that’s hard to put down.

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“Lorna Little writes with clear peacefulness about the complexities of family and self-discovery in her memoir, Mum’s The Word!”
Victoria Rowell

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Award-Winning Actress, Dancer, And Foster Care Advocate

“As I read Lorna Little’s words, I Could actually feel her pain, excitement, and her sense of peace as she discovered the secrets of her past. This is a compelling story about courage and perseverance and should be read by all those who have secrets and are afraid of embracing the truth.”
Lori Bryant Thompson

“Mum’s The Word! is a riveting read, I read it from cover to cover in one evening, I couldn’t put it down. I read the book aloud to my mother and my niece, we all found it to be so fascinating. Mum’s The Word! is well written and allows you to follow along with baited breathe eagerly awaiting the next passage to see what would unfold. Thank you for the courage to discover, embrace, and share your truth. Many parts brought me to tears as I lived vicariously through your words feeling your anticipation, your hope, and faith. I relate to your strength and ability to weather the worst of storms in a God-fearing, calm demeanor. I rejoice with you and for you and I can’t wait for the movie and then the sequel! Mum’s no longer the word! Well done and again, thank you for your courage to be such a beacon of light for others o similar journeys!”
Oleyetta Priester

“Lorna, what a simply stunning story you have told in “Mum’s the Word!”. I have to tell you, I didn’t get to read the book right away when I first purchased it from you at the Passages last week. I showed it to my mother and well, needless to say, she started reading it. I got it back from her this past weekend. She too, enjoyed the book. We could not put it down! Your story touched my heart in so many ways. But the most significant part was how God played such a big role while your journey unfolded. You didn’t know what was around the corner, but He always went before you, preparing the way. I thank Him for allowing you to share your story.”
Pam Chafin

“We read Mum’s the Word for our Downtown LA book club. We thoroughly enjoyed this fascinating real-life story that captures the shock of learning that your parents aren’t who you thought they were. Lorna takes us along the journey of self-discovery and Faith as she searches and finds missing puzzle pieces of her family’s past laden with secrets. How she puts all the pieces together is truly a miracle from above.
Mum’s the Word is more than an adoption story it’s mothers, daughters, shame, renewal, forgiveness, patience, legacies, paradigm shifts, Faith and Love..”
She Reads DTLA Bookclub

“Lorna, thank you so much for sharing this part of your life. It brough on so many emotions and thoughts. Truth and freedom stood out throughout the entire book. I don’t doubt you feel so much “lighter” after writing your memoir. I feel it for you! The life lessons you have chosen to share with us are too many to discuss here but know that I loved it! God’s light is shining so bright in and through you!”
Renee Y. Reliford

Overcome The Complexities of Love, Relationships, & Coming To Terms WIth Change By Reading “Mum’s The Word”!

About The Author, Lorna Little

Lorna Little, Author of Mum's The Word!
Lorna Little, MSW, is a licensed social worker, public speaker, media producer, author, and the President and CEO of St. Anne’s Home, a group home for children and young parents.

Though she wears many hats, all avenues of Lorna’s work lead to a central purpose: putting children on a trajectory toward thriving adulthoods. In doing so, Lorna works with children and parents from underserved communities to remove systemic obstacles from their paths. Given her unique blend of personal and professional experience, Lorna is especially attuned to working with families in foster and adoption services. Her debut memoir, Mum’s The Word!, details her own riveting account of finding out she was adopted in her mid-30s, an experience that primed her for her remarkable and successful career in social service program development and leadership.

As both an analytical and creative problem solver, Lorna also served as the producer of her own local TV show, in which she held important conversations surrounding family and adoptions with national guests and celebrities. She also takes part in numerous public speaking engagements.

Lorna Little

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Lorna is preparing to launch a new book with a release date at the end of 2021. This book combines her creative skills and decades of first-hand experiences leading programs and working with youth, parents, and various systems connected with foster care and adoption.